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Most people believe that making a website is a difficult task and only professionals can accomplish this. However, that is not the case. This step-by-step guide provides details about how to make a website making it easy for beginners to create their own websites.

 The first step in making a website is to acquire the domain name. Domain name is the name which user wants to give to his/her website. For getting a domain name, a registrar must be paid an annual fee for the right of using that name. Getting a name does not mean the creation of the website; it is only the first step in the process.

 The second step is to choose Web Host & sign up for an account. Web host is simply a company which has many systems connected over the internet. When a web page is placed on their computers, everyone is able to connect with it and view it. The user needs to sign up for an account with web host so that his/her website has home. After the user has signed up for web hosting account, he/she will have to point the domain of website to that account over web host.

 After setting up the domain name, the next step is designing the website. The user can himself/herself design a website or hire a web-designer for the work to be completed early. In the designing of the website, it is important to consider Search engine optimization, which is crucial for the popularity of the website, and to attract more users towards the website.

  It is important to test the website throughout the designing cycle. The web page should be checked over different browsers. Testing the website ensures that it is designed according to the user requirements. In addition, the website should also be checked over smartphones for ensuring perfect operation for cellphone users.

 After the site is complete, it can be submitted to the search engines like Google for the users to find it when searching the internet.internet-1181586_960_720